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The glass fibre encapsulation of secondary winding instrument transformers manufactured to IEC60044-1. The highly versatile technique can accommodate

any size, ratio or combination of instrument transformers with ease. It provides compact units for use both indoors and outdoors and has been used

in such applications as gas insulated switchgear, cable slipover and external transformer and wall bushing applications.

By using this technique of composite weatherproofing it is also possible to offer split-core transformer designs where it would be otherwise uneconomic to dismantle or redesign the existing equipment.

CT Windings

Hi – Spec have manufactured hi – tech Weaving machine covers for the last 20 years. In March 2000 the company for whom we were supplying were bought up by a larger manufacturer in Belgium, consequently they shut the South Tyneside plant down and moved all production abroad.

All local suppliers were told their services were no longer needed as cheaper Eastern European parts were sourced, all apart from our composite covers, we were told by the head of the buying department that our covers were of the best quality and competitive to that of any competitor.

Another example of how we can compete with Eastern Europe and ANY other manufacturer.

Weaving Machine Covers